Start There

Since joining the staff at the YWCA in Missoula last May as the Racial Justice Intern, I have bookmarked close to a hundred articles, videos, and links to court cases on my internet browser. I spent hours reading, watching, listening, and waiting for me to get it. My job was to write about racial issues… Read more »

It’s Not A Costume

My seven-year-old daughter’s obsessed with American Dolls. She knows every doll’s name, pet’s name, and horse’s name. She’s sent numerous letters to Santa, asking for a particular doll named Kaya, which is short for Kaya’aton’my (she who arranges rocks). Kaya, a fictional character who came out in stores in 2002, is from the Nimíipuu, or Nez Perce tribe,… Read more »

LR-126 Compounds Voting Barriers Faced by American Indians

Imagine a people who don’t share your Ellis Island story. Imagine a people who watched others invade the land they’d inhabited since time began. Imagine these “others” forming governments who take your children to be assimilated. Imagine getting excommunicated, forced to live on a reservation. Imagine being granted citizenship to your own nation less than… Read more »

The First Step: Recognition

“If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time….But if you have come because your liberation is bound with mine, then let us work together.” – Anonymous Aboriginal Woman “White privilege is like a big, invisible stick,” a friend of mine said recently. “White people will walk into a room of… Read more »