October Newsletter

Learn more about what’s new at YWCA Missoula in our October 2018 newsletter. Domestic Violence Awareness Month, new GUTS! fall programs, racial justice book club, and more..

September Newsletter

Learn more about what’s new at YWCA Missoula in our September Newsletter. Volunteer opportunities, Secret Seconds grand re-opening, and more!

Information for LGBTQIA Survivors

Sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and sexual harassment can happen to anyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or gender identity. Women of all sexual identities bear the disproportionate burden of gender-based violence, but we also must recognize the diverse experiences of survivors who represent any and all genders, gender identities and sexual orientations. LGBTQIA, or… Read more »

Love shouldn’t hurt; safety is possible

As service providers who work with hundreds of domestic violence survivors and victims every year, we are heartbroken and dismayed that three of our community members have been killed in the past year, allegedly at the hands of an abusive partner, leaving behind six children who will now grow up without their parents. These tragedies… Read more »

Afraid of Our Own

I hear people asking why local organizations are working on behalf of refugees when there are so many of “our own” in need of support. Often this question is accompanied by veiled or not-so-veiled Islamophobia or xenophobia, with the implication that Arab Americans are not real Americans, or that people do not enter this country… Read more »

YWCA Missoula Receives Grant from Plum Creek Foundation

MISSOULA – YWCA Missoula is pleased to announce it has received a $2,500 grant from the Plum Creek Foundation to update the Pathways Domestic Violence Shelter. YWCA Missoula’s Pathways program serves Missoula and rural communities of Western Montana to provide safety and refuge for women and their families when escaping domestic violence. The funds will… Read more »

Struggle Against Silence

One month ago, a man walked into Emanual African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina and shot and killed nine people. A witness stated that the arrested suspect said he was there “to shoot black people” in addition to stating “you’ve raped our women, and you’re taking over the country. I have to do… Read more »