Start There

Since joining the staff at the YWCA in Missoula last May as the Racial Justice Intern, I have bookmarked close to a hundred articles, videos, and links to court cases on my internet browser. I spent hours reading, watching, listening, and waiting for me to get it. My job was to write about racial issues… Read more »

Stop Telling Women To Smile

Just imagine, it’s about 10:15pm, the film you are watching is coming to an end. Instead of focusing on your reaction to the completely predictable plot twist, all you can think about is what will happen in the next few minutes? Will I make it to my car safely, or will I be attacked? These… Read more »

Service Sunday

YWCA Secret Seconds Thrift stores has kicked off a new volunteer opportunity called Service Sundays. Service Sundays take place on Sunday mornings from 9:30-11:30 a.m., before the store is open. This volunteer opportunity is ideal for people who would love to help out but can’t commit to a long term volunteering position. Breakfast is provided… Read more »

It’s Not A Costume

My seven-year-old daughter’s obsessed with American Dolls. She knows every doll’s name, pet’s name, and horse’s name. She’s sent numerous letters to Santa, asking for a particular doll named Kaya, which is short for Kaya’aton’my (she who arranges rocks). Kaya, a fictional character who came out in stores in 2002, is from the Nimíipuu, or Nez Perce tribe,… Read more »

LR-126 Compounds Voting Barriers Faced by American Indians

Imagine a people who don’t share your Ellis Island story. Imagine a people who watched others invade the land they’d inhabited since time began. Imagine these “others” forming governments who take your children to be assimilated. Imagine getting excommunicated, forced to live on a reservation. Imagine being granted citizenship to your own nation less than… Read more »

We’re Hiring!

Part-Time Women’s Advocate Description of Duties: YWCA Missoula is looking for a part-time women’s advocate to offer support for women staying at the domestic violence shelter. The person in this position assists the Shelter coordinator with everyday operations of the shelter and provides survivor-focused and trauma-informed advocacy services to victims of interpersonal violence by staffing… Read more »

Sexual Abuse Resources from

An American is sexually assaulted every two minutes, totaling an average of nearly 238,000 individuals over 12 years of age each year, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. And the Crimes Against Children Research Center estimates that one in five girls and one in twenty boys will be a victim of sexual abuse in… Read more »

I Am Not Alone

I had just finished dinner with my fiancé on Sunday, Aug. 10, when I saw the headline flash across his Internet home page, “Police: Black teen shot in Missouri was unarmed.” I found myself saying out loud, “What is wrong with the world? How many more black teenagers have to die before people get fed… Read more »