YWCA Missoula Receives Grant from Plum Creek Foundation

MISSOULA – YWCA Missoula is pleased to announce it has received a $2,500 grant from the Plum Creek Foundation to update the Pathways Domestic Violence Shelter.

YWCA Missoula’s Pathways program serves Missoula and rural communities of Western Montana to provide safety and refuge for women and their families when escaping domestic violence. The funds will be used to replace some of the mattresses in the seven bedroom home that is the women’s and children’s shelter for survivors of domestic and sexual violence. “We are so grateful to Plum Creek Foundation for generously helping us maintain a dignified space where women and children can find respite and healing,” said YWCA Missoula Executive Director Cindy Weese.

The seven-bedroom three-bathroom shelter is consistently at capacity as the Pathways Shelter never turns away an individual in need of confidential shelter. The grant will improve the general welfare and peace of mind for survivors of abuse by providing them with a good night’s sleep and basic amenities during their stay.

The Plum Creek Foundation helps provide services to Missoula by supporting organizations that improve the quality of life and awarding annual grants to communities across the United States.




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