Keff-what? Art and Appropriation

On the very first day of one of my high school art classes, my Theory of Aesthetics teacher sat us down and asked us a question: “What is art?” Surely this was a rhetorical question – this was an art class after all, and he, the teacher, was supposed to answer that question for us. But… Read more »

Paula v. Paul

In legal cases of defamation, there is a certain standard that is applied to people in the public eye. In order for a celebrity to prove that she has been defamed, she must prove that there was something called “actual malice.” This means the celebrity has to prove the person defaming her spread lies on… Read more »

Hey, It’s 2013!

When I was younger, my mom and I butted heads a lot over the state of my room. She wanted it clean; I didn’t want to clean it. Not exactly a unique situation — what kid actually wants to clean her room? When I did get around to cleaning, I’d tell her when I was… Read more »

The Zimmerman Verdict: Is Race An Issue?

Trayvon Martin. George Zimmerman. Still with me? I know we’ve heard those two names a lot lately, but there’s still a lot to be said about the verdict in the Zimmerman trial. In a recent Pew poll, respondents were asked whether they were satisfied with the results of the case and whether the issue of race is receiving more… Read more »