Women’s Shelter Swing Set Has Seen Better Days

As the summer takes full swing in Missoula, blue skies and sunshine have kids at our shelter itching to enjoy the good weather. For the past several weeks, every time I’ve come to the shelter at least one child has begged me to play with them in the backyard.

We play tag, soccer, football, and numerous games invented by the kids themselves, but by far and away our swing set is the Number 1 favorite for kids playing at the shelter. The swing set has worn many hats throughout the years, including Tree House, Star Ship and Monster Cave.

The swing set at the YWCA women’s shelter is on its last legs.

Sadly, our beloved swing set has seen better days. Due to the wear and tear over the past few years, two of the swings became too dangerous for children to use. With only one safe swing remaining, our outdoor play set is struggling in its last days.

We would love to have a new swing set for kids to enjoy safely! If you have one to donate, call the YWCA Missoula office at 406-543-6691.


Posted by Hattie, YWCA Missoula Pathways VISTA