Quirky Finds in Secret Seconds’ ‘Pretty Room’  

Our new store on Broadway is mere weeks away from being finished! We are very excited! Unfortunately, contrary to previously stated, the Broadway store will have to close for a couple of weeks in August. During that time, Secret Seconds employees will be hard at work reorganizing the store and making it look great!While the Broadway store is closed, take the opportunity to frequent our other thrift store location at 920 Kensington.

Due to our expansion, a charming little nook that we like to call the “pretty room” will cease to exist. This is a place where we keep extra special treasures at the Broadway store, like vintage jewelry and accessories. Be warned, not everything in the ‘pretty room’ is pretty (ex. creepy dolls). But come find these gems while you still can!

Posted by Shelby, Secret Seconds Thrift Stores Clerk