Pet Advocate Needed for Shelter Family!

The YWCA Pet Advocate program is in need of a Pet Advocate to foster a 7-year-old female boxer/pit bull mix and her adorable 1-month old puppy. The dogs’ owner, *Samantha, is staying at the YWCA domestic violence shelter with her four children. She came to Missoula after fleeing from her abusive partner in another state and knows absolutely no one in the community who can care for her dogs.

The dogs have been staying with another Pet Advocate for almost two months and are now in need of another temporary home. Samantha has worked incredibly hard to secure permanent, safe housing for her family and is only a few weeks away from receiving assistance to move into her new home! We need to find a placement for the dogs ASAP to avoid having to take them to the Humane Society, where they could risk adoption. The YWCA provides food for the dogs – you just need to provide a safe home and lots of LOVE!

Posted by Lisa Bruce, Ada’s Place Emergency Housing case manager


*Name changed to protect confidentiality.