YWCA Missoula Secret Seconds Thrift Store Still Open During Expansion!

Some exciting changes are happening at the YWCA Missoula Secret Seconds Thrift Store on Broadway. You may have heard that we’re expanding! Our new store will be about twice as big, with 5800 square feet of added space. So we’ll be able to fit way more stuff and some larger items like furniture.

And don’t worry, we plan to stay open the entire time construction is under way—even when the north-facing wall is knocked out. You can enjoy the lovely summer breeze while you shop!


Our new store should hopefully be done around August. Of course, we will be taking donations throughout the summer, and they are greatly appreciated. We have been filling our racks with great summer stuff, so come check out the pretty sundresses, shorts, bathing suits, and sandals. You never know what you’re going to find at Secret Seconds!


Posted by Shelby Duncan, Secret Seconds Thrift Stores sales associate